Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Whale Tale

Once Upon A Time there was a humpback whale.

Dear Nick, you can add this to my collection of baby animals I want. 
The humpback whale knew she was graceful and beautiful and liked to come up out of the water to flaunt her stuff because, let's face it... that's pretty freakin' sweet to be able to lift your 79,000 pound body 3-5 feet out of the water.

One day the whale was just swimming along, minding her own business when she heard something. She'd heard the sound before, in fact the sound was so frequent that it had grown old to her. But this sound was different from all the other sounds.This sound was a song, being sung specifically for her. The song was coming from another whale, a male whale. The two whales hit it off instantly and fell in whale love. They enjoyed their time together and got married, looking forward to what whale life had to throw at them next. Poachers, maybe?

Their whale lives changed when the whale found out she was pregnant. They were so happy and excited and completely invested themselves in the process. But then, the whale's grace and beauty seemed to slowly disappear. All of her whale friends told her she was glowing and didn't even look pregnant but the whale knew better. The whale stopped going to the surface and throwing herself out for all to see. Where before all she could see was nature's beauty and life was now replaced with resentment and loathing. The symbiotic relationship between the barnacles on her skin that she saw once as beautiful and harmonious she now viewed as ugly and bothersome.

Not only was the whale's life changing, her entire whale body and persona was also changing. And it wasn't for the better. The whale's friends tried to keep her positive and excited but, well, when a whale's a whale there's not much you can do to make it feel like an ant.

To be continued, because this whale is only half way along her journey.

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