Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Final Countdown

For full effect please play the video below:

In exactly 2 weeks from today (May 19th for those that are a little slow) hubs and I get to make the sonogram appointment to find out the sex of our baby! There are a few things that I'm absolutely dreading about this appointment. 
1) The tech will say it's a girl.
2) The tech will find some horrible defect with the fetus
3) The tech will say it's a girl.
4) There will be no heartbeat.
5) The tech will say it's a girl.

But, probably my biggest fear about this scan will be finding out the fetus is a girl. Now- before all the "be happy it's healthy" people start crawling down my throat I'd like to explain myself. See, there's this weird medical condition that a lot of people have these days. It's pretty common, there's no common cure, and just about everyone knows someone who has had it. It's called cancer, and for whatever reason the rates of cancer among our family members is ridiculously high. Let's just leave it at the women on my husband's side of the family are doomed. Fantastic, right?

NOW- before I get the "oh you can't control it, if it happens it happens, even your son can get it. Don't worry about it" I just want to say that wouldn't seeing it's a boy just be easier? Yeah. I think so. At least if it's a boy we don't have to worry as much, if at all, about it. So, for the sake of my sanity little one in my belly, please please please be missing that 4th leg of an X and be a Y. Fourteen days. 

Dedicated to all the strong women*

*Yes, that is my tattoo. Rest assured, I'm not getting inked up while pregnant. I've had that tattoo for over a year.

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