Monday, May 9, 2011

Little Kicks

I'm tired. There will be no substance to this post as I currently have my eyelids taped open. I may not even stay up for House tonight. <---- THAT'S A BIG DEAL.

Let me introduce my best friend:

So, I knew exactly what she was trying to communicate to me when the episode "Little Kicks" came on one day last week.

And now each time I feel the baby kick I think of Elaine Benes, making a complete ass of herself on the dance floor of the company party. Because often, I find myself in the same position... just not with dancing.

In other news; I have a sweet potato cooking in the oven. The metaphoric oven. Apparently the word "uterus" isn't socially acceptable, so people awkwardly refer to my uterus and placenta as an oven... I wish it popped out tasty treats because I seem to only want such things when I'm AWAY from my real oven.

The roots on the end of the sweet potato make me think of hair, which completely creeps me out.

In an attempt to cover the FAQ's I've been getting I might just start a list and tape it to my forehead and then put something like, "Please refrain from asking any questions until you read all FAQ's and come to the conclusion that your question is not even similar to any of them."
1. How far along are you?
 4 and a half months
2. Are you feeling sick a lot?
 In the first trimester I was pretty miserable but now that I'm well into the second trimester I'm a lot more tolerant of, well, everything.
3. Have you felt the baby move? 
Yes, I felt the baby move just shy of 16 weeks
4. When is the baby most active?
When I'm trying to fall asleep at night.
5. What do you want? 
A hermaphrodite is my first choice; but a boy would be cool too. :p
6. What do you think you're having?
Hubs and I have had a feeling it's a girl since around 10-12 weeks so we'll see.
7. Are you annoyed with the questions yet?

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