Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby G- 9 weeks

Today we are officially 8w0d gestation and 9w0d pregnant! And guess what?!

Our little one is the size of a raspberry this week! And he/she is DEFINITELY letting me know. Not in so many words or movements but in so many symptoms. I'm not able to eat anything before 4pm most days and if I do, well, it's not pretty. For the measurements:

9 weeks
163 lbs
35" circumference around belly button

Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome! :D

Welcome to our blog! We're Kaitlin and Nick and we just found out we're pregnant. Today, exactly, we are 7 weeks 0 days gestation and 8 weeks 0 days pregnant (officially 2 months!). We've decided to chronicle our journey through pictures each month. The first picture was taken tonight at exactly 8 weeks. 

There definitely isn't anything there, but I'm sure in 4 weeks when we take another picture there will be a considerate difference!