Saturday, May 21, 2011

Father to a beautiful daughter...

Well, I had a feeling.  My feeling was correct.

In 4/5 months, I will become the father of a beautiful baby girl.  The feeling is still so surreal; the more I look at the pictures we got yesterday, the more it is starting to set in.

The feeling that I can't get out of my head is being able to go to my first father/daughter dance with her.  It's such an exciting time, and yet there's so much to do between now and then.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support - Kaitlin and I could not do this without you.  To our parents and grandparents reading - we're excited you're along with us on our journey, and we hope that we can be the parents to her that you were to us.

(note from Kaitlin: Sorry sweetie, I read your original post and took out the name... not ready to share it with the internet world yet)

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