Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding Cake Woes

So I got asked by a friend yesterday, "Have you had any strange cravings?!" Now let me make myself clear. Unless wanting to rip the top layer of your wedding cake out of the freezer, wanting to try to stuff it into the disgusting microwave to thaw it and then fantasize about eating the whole thing by yourself when your husband is at work.... no. No I have not had any strange cravings. I seriously laid in bed last night wondering if Isabel Williams would re-make me just one layer of our wedding cake and how much it would cost. "Now, the whole cake was $375. So just one tier of that would only be like... $125? Maybe. Yeah, I can totally justify that." *Sigh* So much for my dead pregnancy sweet tooth.

More exciting news? I have officially spent over $400 on maternity clothes. To explain: I started buying maternity clothes a few years back as they went on clearance. I figured if something happened and hubby and I couldn't have children I could always just gift them to someone else. Well, I spent 2 hours last night looking for good deals on loose, flowing, or even maternity tops and spent just under $150. I'm really excited to receive the goods and can't wait to stop feeling fat and start feeling pregnant. I figured I'm good on pants because I just lost 40+ pounds since the wedding and so all of my pants should fit with a belly band throughout the pregnancy.

For when you're too cheap to buy real maternity pants, just put it on over your normal pants. 

Today, I also bring exciting news! We are sort of kind of technically out of the first trimester! I only say that because everything I read is saying something different. So maybe we'll wait until next week to make that 100% official.
In other news: our little one is now the size of a peach! It's vocal cords are forming, it's sucking it's thumb and making fists, too. 

13 weeks
155 pounds

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