Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update: An Unexpected Visit

I've officially gone into crazy hormonal pregnancy googling mode. I'm really worried about something I saw on the sonogram. Below is our 9 week ultrasound and then underneath of it is our 14 week u/s. I've drawn along the outside of the baby's amniotic fluid in each of the photos with yellow.

9 week u/s. Amniotic fluid seems to be held in a round shape in the uterus; seen by the outlining in yellow. Keep in mind that black on an u/s= liquid. Gray= tissue
Then we look at the most recent u/s from yesterday, seen above. I've outlined the lining of the sac in yellow and there is a distinct difference in shape. The uterine lining comes down to a pointed "v" shape right below the baby's neck. And you can see it there in all of the pictures she gave us and it was consistently there the whole time the tech was performing the u/s. It's not like this is just how it looked from a certain angle. 

Being a crazy preggo woman I googled other u/s pictures to see if anything looked similar. Nothing. My CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) said nothing about the "V" being an issue and neither did the tech. It really bothered me that the fetus wasn't moving as much as we saw it moving in the first u/s and it honestly is scary. I can't say we saw the baby's arms or legs move once during the 10 minutes we were watching it. But the heart is still beating strong, and that's what matters. 

I haven't called the CNM back because if she hasn't called me yet then I can only assume they didn't find anything further since yesterday when I spoke with her. 

I'll keep everyone updated as I get more answers. Thanks for the love and concern!

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