Friday, April 22, 2011

Dad time again!

There comes a time, I suppose, in the course of a pregnancy when things go from "Yeah, I'm going to be a Dad" to "Ummmm....I'm REALLY going to be a Dad!"  That experience happened to me over this past week on two separate occasions.  Let me explain.

First, I spent a few days on spring break this week visiting my grandparents, who live in South Carolina.  Not long after I arrived, my grandmother brought out the baby blanket that she made by hand.  When she brought it to me, it took me a minute to realize/figure out what it was.  This for my child!  It's amazing to know that we have such a wonderful support system - it means so much!

Yesterday was our regular appointment with the midwife.  Everything went well (though I suppose I'll let MomG tell you about all that!)  During the visit, as always, we were able to use the dopplar machine (I think that's what it's called) to listen for a heartbeat.  We couldn't get the count of the baby's heartbeat.....because he/she was moving around all over the place.  When the midwife told us that the "static-y" sounds we were hearing was the baby moving, I just couldn't believe it.  We were both so excited leaving the office.  It's really happening, and it's starting to set in.

There's lots to do over the next few months, and we're so glad you're along for the ride!

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