Sunday, April 24, 2011

Simple Pleasures

There are a lot of things in life that you realize just how much you take for granted once you become pregnant. One of those things is sleeping on your back and stomach. Today marks sixteen weeks, which also marks when you're no longer allowed to sleep on your back. I haven't decided if I will actually follow through with this suggestion or not because, well frankly, sleeping on my back is the only comfortable position for me now. I have a body pillow which I can use to find more comfortable positions; but I think until I find my back uncomfortable I'll keep doing it.

Week 16 brings one of my favorite foods very close to my heart!
An avocado! Apparently this week the baby's bones in it's ears are fully formed- meaning it can hear Nick and I talking... and loud noises.

As promised- the picture of the month:
I don't feel that big! The bump is still easily hidden by clothing and I'm still in all of my pre-pregnancy clothes (thank the Lord!) My food fixations for the week have been spinach artichoke dip and chicken sandwiches. 

May 19th we schedule our anomaly scan, where we will be able to find out the gender. Keep your eyes open for the website background to change from yellow to blue or pink! (And the announcement post, of course!)

153 pounds
16 weeks

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