Monday, April 18, 2011

I should be studying...

Compared to the drama of last week, this week has started out pretty drama free. I may or may not have felt the baby kick, it's hard to tell until the movements pick up and I start feeling things to compare it to.
Baby G is now the size of a naval orange, or an apple... seems like everyone says something different. The second trimester isn't as great for me as it has been for some people, apparently. I'm just now starting to suffer from the tell tale nasal congestion (then again it IS allergy season) and now my gums bleed any chance they get. Brushing my teeth and eating lunch have become daily blood baths, but apparently this is normal? They say to just make sure I keep flossing/brushing like I'm supposed to and it's something that will disappear over time I guess. 

Every day it seems my belly gets fuller and fuller as the baby shifts up into my abdomen. I guess next week it's picture time already!

154 pounds
15 weeks

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