Saturday, June 11, 2011

We're (more than) half way there!

At 22 weeks pregnant I can officially say that I have been pregnant for longer than I will remain pregnant...even if I go over by the max amount of time they let you (2 weeks)! That's scary! These past 22 weeks have gone by so fast and to think I don't have that much longer to be "child-free" so to speak is bewildering. After I came to this realization I started coping with the anxiety it left me with by some good, old fashioned, retail therapy. In the past two weeks I have spent more money on home and baby centered things than I'd care to admit. Where did this come from?!

I used to be so frugal with my money! Guilt followed me everywhere for buying even the most ESSENTIAL things. I came to the conclusion that it must be the pregnancy (why not blame something else on it?). I think that in my twisted world I'm convinced that having a child = never being able to spend money on myself ever again. Therefore; I better get it all out of my system and buy all the nice things I might possibly want in the future NOW.  It's awful. I'm trying to get better I promise. You know it's bad when Nick can bribe me into anything as long as there's a trip to Wal-mart or Target in it for me.

Week 22 means a new fruit
A papaya! Apparently she doesn't grow much through the rest of the month because the next change in fruit doesn't happen until week 25.

Nick laid his head on my tummy today and apparently little girl did not like her space being invaded. She got away with something I've wanted to do for a long time... gave him a good kick to the head.

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