Friday, June 3, 2011

Expectations vs Reality

When I first found out I was pregnant there were several things I automatically assumed/expected.

Just to name a few:
Hospital birth with an OB
I'd look like this at 6 months along:
I would no longer be able to sleep comfortably
The relationship between my husband and I would change
I'd crave really crazy things (common example and the ever so infamous being pickles and ice cream)

As the pregnancy has progressed (we're past the half way point!) I've realized that most of the above listed things couldn't be farther from the truth! Most of you who follow this know that I discovered early on in my pregnancy that I wanted a different birth experience than what is the norm.
 I'm still having to inform people that I'm pregnant... most people seriously cannot tell. I'm not sure if it's due to me still being able to comfortably fit in all of my pre-pregnancy clothes still (not wearing maternity clothes= not being pregnant and vice versa, apparently) or maybe I just don't complain about it all the time like OTHER PEOPLE I KNOW. *ahem*

I'm still sleeping quite comfortable on my stomach. Yes, you read that right. At almost 6 months pregnant I am still sleeping comfortably on my stomach. While I mostly wake up on my back/sides in the morning, I fall asleep on my stomach most nights.

While hub and I's relationship has changed from being selfish to considering another life; it really hasn't changed much more than that. I was afraid the humor and silliness would be replaced by a stoic and parental style. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) I am extremely pleased to report that not only are we still humorous and silly, we've also become more spontaneous and willing to try new things. Probably because we realize we'll forever be tied down once the kid makes her appearance; but I digress (I'm kidding. Kind of).

Other than the generic "I want my food to be spicy" there haven't been any outlandish cravings. I had my poor hubby drive to 5 different places while I ran in and asked if they had hotwings at 11pm, but we were out grocery shopping at the time anyways. So it wasn't like I woke him up in the middle of the night demanding something unobtainable. No pickles and ice cream, sorry folks. (Just fruit dunked in hot sauce)

21 weeks
Movin' right on through the produce aisle...

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