Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keeping up with life when all you can do is waddle

The past two weeks have been crazy. So many things happened at once and I feel like I'm still stuck going, "WHAAAA?" I was offered another position at work which is fantastic and I love it but it meant different hours to allow for the training and so my schedule was thrown off (ever try to switch your sleep schedule at 6 months pregnant? Yeah, not pretty). We started the home buying process; getting pre-approved, looking at a few different choices, putting in our first offer, and then being outbid. Since I got another position at my full-time job I made the decision to quit my weekend job (pregnant me can't work 7 days a week anymore) which is a huge weight off my back but also felt like a huge weight until my two weeks were actually up.

Nick and I are really excited to be pre-approved for buying a house. If anyone had told us on our wedding night that in a year we would have a child and be looking at houses I would have laughed at them. Those are such grown up things and we're still so silly and we're not, well, old. 

Lately my first trimester nausea and throwing up has made a reappearance. Not as frequent, but definitely back. I went to see my endocrinologist today to make sure my hormone levels were still stable and of course - they weren't. The NP I saw then went on to tell me that "We might just have to switch dosages due to the 12 pounds you gained since your last visit. We have to accommodate for the extra mass." I wasn't quite sure what to say to that. In fact I think I may have just looked at her with my mouth half open.

All these thoughts started going through my mind...there's no way I gained 12 pounds in 8 weeks. I see my midwife every 4 weeks and she's still yelling because as of last appointment I hadn't gained any weight. I'm not sure where the NP was getting her numbers from because I don't remember being 12 pounds lighter than the number on the scale at any point. I never liked her anyways. I know gaining weight while pregnant is healthy, but I also know it needs to be gradual.

24 weeks marks the age of viability, meaning the fetus inside of me could realistically live outside the womb. I read a post on weddingbee from a woman who is due the same day I am. She went into preterm labor a few nights ago and it left me thinking how unprepared we still are. This child could come at any moment now and we are not prepared in the least. We're taking this time we have for granted. We need to get moving. Luckily the doctors of the woman from the post were able to stop her labor and mother and fetus are doing well, but it's still scary.

Our Bradley classes start July 1st and last for 12 weeks, just about right up to our due date. I'm so excited to meet other pregnant women who want to achieve the same thing as me. Our next midwife appointment is tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to seeing 1) how far ahead I'm measuring and 2) how much weight I've REALLY gained.

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  1. I'm sorry that you have been feeling sick again. That's crummy.

    And the weight...ugh! I understand. I know that when I weighed myself last night it wasn't accurate since I ALWAYS do it in the morning before I have eaten and without clothes. Last night I did it at the end of the day and dressed....but it was still hard to take that the scale said I had gained 26lbs. wtf??!! I know that is not the real number, but it is still hard to watch the scale go up and I feel like I am gaining more than I should