Thursday, July 14, 2011

My addiction to all things V8

I have a confession. v8 products have taken over my fridge, my pantry, and my heart. It started with making sure I was getting all my servings of fruits and veggies and has turned into a monster. Between Bolthouse farms protein shakes for breakfast and v8 continuously throughout the day I'm amazed that I'm only running to the bathroom once an hour. Seriously my day goes something like this:


Heaven in a bottle


Salt fix
dipped in 
Don't judge me
Dinner usually consists of some sort of meat with either 1) mashed potatoes with skin and shredded cheese melted in or 2) some sort of noodle. With another yummy veggie...usually peas or corn or green beans.

"Snack" before bed

BLECH but necessary

Writing this post has made me realize I don't eat nearly enough solid foods throughout the day... but this is what makes me happy! And keeps my nausea (mostly) at bay.

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