Monday, March 7, 2011

Finally, something real

Sorry I didn't have a 10 week post for everyone but I really wanted to wait until after our appointment so I could include an u/s picture! Our little guy/gal is the size of a "medium green olive" this week :D

And for the u/s picture:

The head is clearly visible, though the rest just may seem like a blob to the rest of you. To me, however, my little one is in "starfish position" legs and arms sprawled out to the side in all directions. If you look closely you can see the arm and leg nubs. How exciting?! Nick was able to make it to the sonogram today and saw our little baby kicking it's legs and we saw the heart beating at an amazing 160 beats per minute. My mother has already started going on about it being a girl due to the high heart rate. As long as it's healthy, I don't care. 

Today the ultrasound tech also informed us that our due date is October 9th now, not October 7th. Instead of starting a new week on Fridays, I'll just be starting a new week on Sundays now. No biggie. The due date could have been off by something awful like a week!

160 lbs

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