Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back Pain (read: why yoga saved my life)

At about 10 o'clock each night, after Nick and the puggle go to sleep, our living room turns into a pitch black cave. Furniture is moved to accommodate my yoga mat and large wingspan. Sarah Ivanhoe comes into my living room and I am removed from the physical world. Rhythmic breathing and challenging poses put me into a trance like no other. I go into the practice with a heavy heart, back pain, and sour attitude from the day and after an hour of practice feel ready for bed and completely cured from everything. I had always been a strong yoga follower and practiced each morning with the sun, however, the knowledge of another being inside of me makes it even more special to me somehow. Like I'm doing my little one a favor. Perhaps the fact that it washes away the stress of the day makes it better for the pregnancy? Who knows, it just makes me feel more strong about practicing consistently than ever. 

Speaking of yoga, I have the crusty picture I promised everyone.I just need to warn you before scrolling any further that (to my defense) it was taken after an hour of hardcore yoga. 
Now, let me show you something else in an attempt to make myself feel better. There is this "double bump" thing that apparently happens to us preggos right before we're going to explode from all of our normal clothes and feed the economy by buying maternity clothes for $100 bucks per pair of pants. Since our uterus shifts from the lower abdomen up to the mid-section during this time (relieving stress off the bladder, thank you Lord!) we get this weird double bump. Let me show you what I mean:
Yeah... now you see it. Moving on!
Our little one is now a plum! D'awww :) The morning sickness had subsided but I have also found that eating dinner and anything past it doesn't sit well. Also, back pain and dizziness have made their entrance as well as daily round ligament pain. 
Until next time!

157 lbs
34.5 inches

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