Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Birth Regrets

I had what many would call the "perfect birth." Short, simple and home 3 hours later.

Truth be told, looking back I have some regrets. In no way am I throwing a pity-party, just showing that even with your birth plan bring followed to the last period, there will always be things you wish you would have done / had.

My first regret is that I wish I would have had her somewhere where I could stay over night. While it was wonderful to be able  to come home 3 hours after she was born; I would have enjoyed the extra help the nurses and lactation consultants could have offered - especially for the first child. Will this sway me towards a hospital birth for the second? Absolutely not. In fact, number 2 will probably a home birth.

My second regret  - too short of a labor. While this is something I cannot control and something that many first time mothers wish for, I felt everything went by far to fast. I even don't remember certain things - the whole reason I wanted a natural / un-medicated birth. I don't remember them drawing my blood or doing her heel-prick.

So many women remember the sensation of their child entering the world - I don't remember it. So many of those women had epidurals - how is that fair? I wanted to remember every second of her birth; it was and still is the most important thing to me. Everyone tells me it's because of the "natural high" you experience after birth. then why can they remember it but I can't?

Call me crazy but I can't wait to go through childbirth again. And I want it to be longer than my first.

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