Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It seems to just be one thing after another in our house these days.

Between a poor latch, thrush, an umbilical hernia that caused quite a scare, and now a colicky baby; Nick and I are losing our minds.

Because we had so much trouble with other things in the beginning, I didn't think that she was really colicky because there truly was a lot for her to cry about. It didn't start creeping into my mind until the thrush and everything else cleared up and she was still always crying.

She is never happy. She is always crying - unless she is feeding or sleeping. At first I thought this was normal, until I saw how content other babies were. 

I started doing some research on it when one night she had been crying since 7pm and it was around 1am. Every parenting website suggested Gripe Water, something I never thought I would have to use. The 24 hour CVS had a 2-pack and it was like magic! Nick even asked if she was okay and still breathing because she stopped crying so suddenly. After some very impressive farts and burps she was able to nurse to sleep (like a normal baby I'm sure) in about 30 minutes!

As parents sometimes we want to believe that there's something we're doing wrong - not that there is truly something wrong with our child. Sometimes you really do have to step back and evaluate that after everything has been addressed correctly you have to start looking at other options. It's so hard to admit that there's sometimes nothing you can do. 

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